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evology book


  • “Evology clarifies and brings into focus the fact that we are still struggling with our health, our weight, our dietary choices and our spiritual purpose. The reason for this is because year after year we are stuck in the same old routines. Sometimes the routines are packaged differently but for the most part we’re doing the same old thing. We’ve all heard the sayings garbage in garbage out, or you are what you eat. Evology helps us step by step to get our health care needs in perspective. It aids us to the point where our innate wisdom and consciousness can regain control of our bodies once again.”
  • “Evology simplifies what we should be doing for our health care needs. Although we already have everything we could possibly want or need, we are still not feeling satisfied. We are unhealthy, obese, and without a collective purpose as a society. The vibrant civilization that we should manifest, with all the technology, information, nutrition, and health care available to us, is not evident. We simply are not thriving. Evology consciously employs our innate insight as the approach to a healthy life. This is the starting point of our own, respective personal journeys.”
  • “Evology is the art of living victoriously. This approach enables each of us to take the steps necessary to overcome our limitations. These steps shine light onto our path, purpose, and direction in this world. Every morning we wake up with a chance to be healthy, vibrant and on-point. But for no good reason, most of us feel somehow ritually opposed to helping ourselves. These are observed and learned behaviors. Yet, as seen in the following pages, we have the tools to embrace our opportunities…



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